• Just 5 days after the Nationals we head to Scotland for the SKC Championship Show under Jayne Gregory. Star on the day was Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) who won another Junior Bitch class then bagging her THIRD RES CC at just 14 Months old. We can't wait to see this girl mature and what the future hold for her and Ash! Congrats to team Krystal!!!!


  • NATIONALS CH Show - Under breed specialist Mrs Sheena O'Neill (anShee) What a day for Whitewreath! The baby of the team Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) placed 1st in Junior Bitch - handled by her owner Ash Sutton for Co-Owners Judith Robinson and Cath Gouldson. On to the boys, our very own Import male Gangsta (Multi CH Estruphus' My Dynamic Task Force Imp NLD) takes to his 2nd UK Show and comes home with his 2nd Reserve CC - Co-Owned with his breeders Lene & Marcel Huls (Dynamic Force) handled by Colleen Humphries. Super star of the day was Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime) wins his 1st CC (4 Res CCs) and BEST OF BREED for his delighted owner Jayne Hughes.
  • WELKS CH Show 2024 The first UK Champ Show since Crufts and Krystal (Whitewreath Krystal Lady for Thairap) flies to flag, with no Akita classes this year she headed into AVNSC where she claimed Best Bitch and then went on to get BEST OF BREED and made her debut in the Utility group. Piloted by her Co-Owner Ash Sutton for delighted Co-Owners Cath Gouldson and Judith Robinson. Groomed and prepared by Jo Kent.
  • CRUFTS 2024 - The only Whitewreath bred dog in attendance this year was Krystal (Whitewreath Krystal Lady for Thairap), who was also qualified for the YKC finalist stakes. Finishing her fabulous puppy career with a 2nd in Puppy Bitch. Congratulations to Ash and Krystal on a lovely puppy career and we wish them all the best for her future, I am sure it'll be a bright one.
  • MANCHESTER Ch Show, the first CC giving show of the year. Unfortunately we were absent from the show, however the team did a fabulous job with the Ember Kids doing the mini double under judge Mrs Ann Wildman. First up was the males, Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime) took to the ring with his fresh new coat and pulled his 4th Reserve CC with his delighted owner Jayne Hughes. Followed by his half sister, 2 years his junior - Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) who was awarded Best Puppy In Breed and her second Res CC. She also placed 4th in the Eukanuber Stakes and 1st in the YKC Stakes. Off she went into the puppy group under the watchful eye of Mr Tom Mathers, where she was shortlisted in a quality puppy group. Krystal is handled by Ash Sutton who Co-owns her with Judith Robinson and Cath Gouldson. Congratulations to all involved - Very proud breeder!

News from 2023......

    It's so hard to believe that we are officially 20 years into this venture. Its been an incredible ride, we have enjoyed so many wins this year, making up our 3rd generation of Champions and 5 Whitewreath Reserve CC's split between us and delighted owners Jayne Hughes, Judith Robinson, Cath Gouldson and Ash Sutton - WELL DONE TEAM! We can't thank the team enough for representing our kennels with their beautiful dogs, for turning them out so lovely and for showing them to their best. Special Thank you this year to our Pilot of 2023 - Mrs Susan Sadler for always loving Phoenix like we do and for smothering her in love, seeing you both take that 3rd CC made me cry happy tears. Thank you Sue, we wouldn't have done it without you!

    Here's to 2024 team Whitewreath! Have a super Christmas and see you in the new year!
  • The last show of the year, but the first for our Import boy 'Gangsta' (Multi CH Estruphus' My Dynamic Task Force Imp NLD) Under Judge Mr Martin Sanders on a wet and wild day, Gangsta was awarded the Reserve Dog CC gaining him his UK Stud Book Number and Qualifying him to Crufts for life. Co-Owned with his talented breeders Lene & Marcel Huls, Gangsta was superbly handled by Collen Humphries (Minioso).
  • A very cold and frosty BUBA Ch Show held at Stafford, under breed specialist Ellen O'Neill (Geilsaven) Star of the day was Baby Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) who won yet another 1st place in Puppy, then Best Puppy Bitch and at just 8 months old the Reserve Bitch CC. Owned by the Robinson, Sutton and Gouldson trio, Krystal was prepped for her big day by Jo Kent and piloted to her awards by her talented handler and Co-owner Ash Sutton. Congratulations to them all.
  • Midland Counties Ch Show was quite the soggy day in terms of weather. We didn't attend with our team due to coat changes, however the Whitewreath affix was well represented by Sirius & Krystal. Under judge Mr D Roberts Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime) took a respectable 2nd in Open Dog behind the eventual CC Winner. Half sister Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) earns a lovely 2nd place in Puppy Bitch standing behind the Best Puppy winner. Congratulations to all involved.
  • South Wales Ch Show - Under Judge Mr Tom Johnston Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) wins yet another Minor Puppy class, making it 3 from 3 at Championship level, owned and loved by Gouldson, Robinson & Sutton - handled on the day by Ash Sutton. Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime) won a respecatbale 2nd in Open Dog to then be called back in to receive his 3rd Reserve CC, owned and handled by Jayne Hughes. Congrats to all
  • Akita Club of Wales Open Show - following on from the South Wales Ch Show, Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) goes on to win yet another Minor Puppy Class - well done to team Krystal, she's certainly on a roll.
  • Akita Associated Ch Show 2023 - Under breed specialist Julie Nicholls (Shyllar) Tasha (Whitewreath Paparazzi) takes the lead of a lovely Limit Class, her half sister Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) takes another class win, this time in Minor Puppy - Congrats to owners Judith, Cath & Ash who handles her.
  • West Brom & Wednesbury Open Show - Krystal (Whitewreath Crystal Lady for Thairap) wins both Best Puppy In Breed nd Adult Best of Breed under breed specialist judge Mrs Lisa Pearson. Congratulations to owners Judith, Cath & Ash. Huge Well done to Ash who handles Krystal beautifully.
    We are thrilled to welcome Gangsta (Multi Champion Estruphus' My Dynamic Task Force) to the UK and to Whitewreath Kennels, where he will reside for a period of time. He is Co - Owned with myself and his breeders, our friends, Lene & Marcel Huls (Netherlands). We are excited to see what Gangsta can produce for us here in the UK, he has so much to offer the breed and will bring many virtues to our breeding program including some much needed fresh blood. Sucessfully shown to his many titles by Lene, Gangsta also boasts an impressive bill of clear health supported by his multiple health test reports. Most importantly, especially with this breed, Gangsta has the most beautiful temperament.
    Stay Tuned!
  • DARLINGTON CH SHOW - After a short break for the dogs to change coat we started back the season at Darlington, under respected judge Mr A Wight. At her first show 'Whitewreath Crystal Lady' (Krystal) aged just 6 months wins a beautiful strong puppy class and takes Best Puppy Bitch In Breed for her delighted owners Judith, Cath & Ash - handled by Ash to her awards. Tasha (Whitewreath Paparazzi) takes a respected 2nd in Limit bitch behind the Res CC winner. Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime) took home a lovely 3rd in Open Dog for his owner Jayne - But the star of the day was our beautiful Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) who won Open Bitch and then her 3rd and crowning CC making her CHAMPION WHITEWREATH FROM THE ASHES (subject to RKC approval). Phoenix was piloted by Susan Sadler, who has handled Phoenix throughout her title campaign ~ We truly can not thank Susan enough for the love she has shown Phoenix.
    A fantastic day out for the Whitewreath gang - Congrats to all owners and handlers.
  • Hip Score results are in for 'Savannah' Whitewreath Roll The Dice, she becomes our 4th Akita to reach the fantastic 0 / 0 for hips. We are thrilled to say all 5 of our current breeding bitches have superb scores with 4 of them 0 / 0 and one with a superb 0 / 1. We work very hard to assure we breed the healthiest dogs, these scores truly mean the world to us.
  • WINDSOR CH SHOW - Under breed specialist Mrs Val Geddes Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) placed a respectable 2nd in Open Bitch, Half Brother Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born at Finkime - Owned by Jayne Hughes) placed 1st in Limit Dog, but the star of the day was his full sister Tasha (Whitewreath Paparazzi) who won Post Graduate Bitch then the Reserve CC. Earning her Stud Book Number and Qualifying to Crufts for Life. Our Thanks to Co-Pilot Susan who handled Phoenix and was our legs on the day with Tasha.
  • THREE COUNTIES CH SHOW - Under breed Specialist Mr Steve Rann Whitewreath pulled the 'Mini Double' with half brother and sister duo winning the Reserve CC's in both Dog and Bitch. Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) wins Open Bitch and the Res Bitch CC, where half brother Sirius (Whitewreath A Star Is Born at Finkime - Owned by Jayne Hughes) won 2nd in Open Dog and called back in to be awarded the Reserve Dog CC. Our thanks to Co Pilot Susan Sadler for handling Phoenix.

News from 2022......

  • LKA - The last show of the year. Both Phoenix and Tasha placed a respectable 2nd in their classes under Judge Mrs Di Rann. We would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support this past year, to all the judges who have awarded our dogs, and to our Co-Pilot and biggest supporter, Mrs Susan Sadler for her help in team Whitewreath on the road.
    Merry Christmas - And a Fantastic New Year!
  • BUBA Ch Show, A year to the day that Phoenix took her first CC, she was awarded the Res CC. She's had quite the busy year, gaining 2 CC's and a RCC also whelping her first litter, producing her daughter Savannah who has qualified for Crufts 2023 with ease.
  • WKC Ch Show - A refreshing day in cooler temperatures, Once again the dogs behaved amazingly with Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) taking a respectable 2nd in Limit Bitch with handler Susan Sadler. Making her show debut was her daughter Savannah (Whitewreath Roll The Dice) who took 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch, qualifying her for Crufts 2023 under Judge Mrs Karen Gilliland.
  • Bournemouth Ch Show - Another scorcher of a day but the dogs coped amazingly. Under replacement judge, Mrs Meg Purnell Carpenter, Whitewreath From The Ashes (Phoenix) wins Limit Bitch. Her daughter Whitewreath Hit The Jackpot (Molly) made her debut at just 6 months with owners Trisha & Barry Wingrove, she qualified for Crufts 2023 with a 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch - Huge Congratulations to Team Molly
  • East of England CH Show - In blistering heat the dogs and handlers performed well. Our very own Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) takes her 2nd CC under Breed Specialist Mrs Cherry Wilkinson just 5 months after delivering her first litter of puppies, handled by Susan Sadler. For her delighted owners, Mouse (Whitewreath Inferno) took 2nd in Post Graduate. And Ch Caeson's son - Ch Travistock War Lord for Shyllar won the Reserve CC at almost 7 years of age - Congratualtions to his owners Julie & carl and his breeder Jill Hopkins.
    Judges Write Up:- LB (5.2) 1 Iason's Whitewreath From The Ashes. Stunning black brindle & white female. She took my eye as soon as she strode into the ring. Excellent bone, lovely feminine head with well set, correct ears. Darkest eyes and good dentition. Superbly presented. What a beautiful bitch - just what I like. BCC BOS
  • Windsor Ch Show - Always a favourite of ours, set in the shadows of Windsor Castle, each day is commenced by the National Anthem ringing out. Under breed specialist Judge, Mr Dave Chapman (Kitsune) Tasha (Whitewreath Paparazzi) was awarded 1st Junior bitch from a beautiful class, and Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) 2nd in Limit Bitch - Piloted by Susan Sadler. A beautiful day, in a gorgeous setting and with wonderful company makes days like this, the reason we love dog showing.
  • Whitewreath Inferno (Mouse) heads out to the Derbyshire County Show with her devoted team, handled as usual by Amber Eadie, gains 1st Post Graduate and Best of Breed! Huge Congratulations to Team Mouse, your hard work and dedication is paying off, Amber your growing in confidence and skill, WELL DONE!
  • Blackpool CH Show saw the return of Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes). Under well respected breed specialist Mrs Jenny Killilea (Redwitch) and only 4 months after her first litter of puppies, she floated her way to 1st Limit Bitch, Piloted by Susan Sadler. Half sister Tasha (Whitewreath Paparazzi) gained a respectable 2nd in Junior Bitch at just 15 months we are delighted with how Tasha is progressing.
  • At Ashfield Canine Association Mouse (Whitewreath Inferno) placed 1st in Post Graduate, again piloted by Amber Eadie - Congratualtions team. Photograph Courtesy of 'At Its Best Photography'
  • WELKS CH Show under Judge Mr John Ritchie, Mouse (Whitewreath Inferno) took a respectable 2nd place in Junior Bitch with her young handler and owner Amber Eadie, Qualifying for Crufts 2023. Congratulations to Team Mouse.
  • The first show for us was Crufts, and as always its an amazing day to be at the greatest dog show in the world. This year we had absentee's due to coat blow and maternity duties, however Tasha (Whitewreath Paprazzi) went along to represent the kennel. Placing in a lovely quality Puppy class, Tasha qualified herself for next years main event. Having only 1 show under her belt, and being a lockdown puppy, we were exceptionally proud of how Tasha embraced the experience and performed her socks off. She enjoyed engaging with the public and lapping up all of the extra attention and fuss from passers by, we are really so proud of this young girl - only 12 months old on the day.
  • We are so proud to announce we are a 5 star licensed breeder. As of 2018 it has been a legal requirement for breeders to hold a breeding license, the highest rating a new license holder can achieve for the first 3 years is 4 stars - we achieved 4 stars for the previous 3 years. This year was the first year we could aim for a 5 star license and we are so proud to say we achieved this. Hard work and dedication certainly pays off.
  • Manchester Ch Show 2022 saw Whitewreath Inferno take 2nd in Junior bitch under well respected judge Mr Tom Mathers with her lovely owner and young handler Amber Eadie. Congratulations team.

News from 2021......

  • BUBA Ch Show - Under Judge Mrs E Macdonald, Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) hits the ground running at our first show out since Covid. Under the hand of Susan Sadler, Phoenix won 1st Limit Bitch then went on to be awarded the Bitch CC and Best Opposite Sex. To say we are delighted would be an understatement. Whitewreath Pokerface (Thalia) and Whitewreath Paparazzi (Tasha) both made their ring debut in Puppy Bitch where Tasha qualified for Crufts 2022.
    Judges Write Up:- LB (6,2) 1 Iason’s Whitewreath from The Ashes. A striking Black brindle and white with an excellent head and expression. Her head is ideal for proportions with small almond eyes and small thick ears which were correctly set. Her front was spot on with a good forechest, straight, well boned forelegs and tight, thickly padded feet. She had a good depth of chest and was well ribbed, with a strong back, level topline, and a balanced rear and good tail Her movement was fluent, powerful and true and she was presented in immaculate condition. She had the best head and movement of the bitch entry and I was pleased to award her the CC today.

    Our Congratulations also to Lynn, Rick & Amber Eadie on Whitewreath Inferno (Mouse) first ever dog show, under breed specialist Judge Mrs Junie Watson they achieved a 1st in Akita Junior. We are very happy for them!

2020 and Life with COVID-19......

  • As 2020 brought in the New Year, we felt it brought with it, New Hopes and Dreams.
    Unfortunately, so far it has only brought us heart ache. In January, Our stunning, vibrant and happy boy, Ch Whitewreath's Carbon Copy passed away, long before his time, and still in his prime. His loss has left us all, as a team, devastated. Baelor, or Puppy Boy as he was more lovingly known by many had an outstanding career as a showman from being awarded the title of Top Male Puppy of 2014 to finishing 2016 as the Number 2 Male. He amassed a breath taking 11 CC's and 13 Res CC's from his show career. He also was a lovely producer, although only used on a limited number of quality females, his offspring were truly beautiful. He leaves behind, his daughter Ember, who we hope will carry on his legacy into the future. It is at this point we feel we should thank his handler & show time Mummy Lisa Bridges for all of her hard work and dedication shown to Bae throughout his life, and for being 'his human'. We are so grateful you could be with us as we said our goodbyes. Until we meet again Puppy Boy, go play with your Papa Bear and wait for us at the bridge son.

    You may think that we are defeated, and ready to give in... But we are not! We are strong and we will move forward. We have some beautiful females going forward to the futrure with some exciting plans in place. We also have semen stored from both of our champion boys and will use this in the coming years on select females. Its not over, until its over! We are battered, we are bruised - But together we are strong!

News from 2019......

  • Bournemouth Champ Show, under Judge Mr Rodney Oldham - Eska - owned by Ross Braund-Phillips took 1st Minor Puppy Bitch followed up with Best Puppy Bitch - Piloted on the day by Lisa Bridges. Congratulations Ross & Eska!
  • Paignton Championship Show, under Judge Mrs D. Spavin - Whitewreath Sugar Coated for Inuita (Eska) who is lovingly owned by Ross Braund-Phillips made their debut into the world of championship shows together and Qualified for CRUFTS 2020. We would like to offer our Congratulations to Ross on his first ever show, with his first serious show dog. Eska is bred by our Co-Breeder Hollie and comes for the breeding of Travis and Karma.
  • Following on from the Nationals, Heartbreak hit the Whitewreath camp, Our young super-star Travis passed away on the 14th May. Myself, Hollie, Our Pilot Lisa and Travis' Breeder Jill were left utterly distraught by his all too soon passing. We attended the SKC and Scottish Club Show the following weekend with broken hearts and placed 1st in Junior Bitch with kennel mate Phoenix at SKC and 2nd in Open Dog with Travis' Dad - Baelor at the Club Show - but our hearts weren't in it and we left before judging finished... We would like to thank all for their love and support on the day, it went a great deal to helping ease our pain.

    And just when we felt that we were coming to terms with the loss of our special boy, Our world came crashing down again, this time on the 6th June - Our stunning boy, the King of the Whitewreath Empire - Champion Caeson - passed away in my arms aged 10 years. And we have never felt a loss so deeply, marred by the sudden loss of his grandson Travis, we were thrown into the most dark and unimaginable place with the grief of losing my soulmate Caeson. I'm sure most of you will know how much he meant to me, and the kind of relationship Caeson and I shared - A Love Like No Other. He was a dog in a lifetime, and a lifetime would never have been long enough with this special boy.

    So here we celebrate our treasured boys, and give thanks for all they left behind....
    Travistock Carbon Fut Print of Whitewreath and his Grand-Father - Champion Anshee Heads N Tails over Whitewreath ~ Wait at the Bridge for me boys x
  • NATIONALS Ch Show under all rounder Kevin Newhouse - Phoenix was absent today due to being in season but kennel mate Travis held his own gaining his 2nd consecutive Reserve CC from the Junior class. As always our thanks to our pilot, Lisa Bridges for her handling skills.
  • WELKS Ch Show 2019 saw Phoenix & Travis winning their Junior classes respectively, Travis then went on to be awarded his first Reserve CC under Judge Mr Albert Wight - handled by Lisa Bridges. We would like to give thanks to all for their wonderful comments on our 2 youngsters, we are very proud of our Ch Baelor son.


  • Crufts 2019 What a lovely day we had with our 2 youngsters. Travis gained a very respectable 2nd in Junior Dog behind Am Ch Stecals Remember My Name, he was handled by Lisa Bridges as usual. Kennel mate Phoenix went 1st Junior Bitch and made it into the final lineup, handled to perfection by young talented handler Lauren Bridges. Thank you to our judge on the day, Mrs Clare Andrew (Claran) for thinking so highly of our dogs on the day.
  • The first show of the year for us was Manchester Ch Show under Judge Mr E Paterson, our two youngsters Phoenix and Travis took their last chances in puppy classes. Phoenix, a little down on puppy coat held her own and still managed a respectable 2nd in Puppy Bitch, this time out done by her Kennel Mate and cousin, Travis, who went on to be awarded Best Puppy In Breed following that up with a fantastic Utility Puppy Group 3 from a strong line up. A delightful start to the new show year, we now look forward to seeing our youngsters head forward into Junior classes. Handled by Lisa Bridges.

Photograph Courtesy of: Alan V Walker
  • As per the new dog license law that came into play October 2018, all breeders must be licensed and will recieve a star rating from 1 to 5. As a new license holder the highest rating achieveable is 4 stars, and we are very proud to announce we recieved the full 4 star rating.

News from 2018......

  • At BUBA Ch Show under Judge Mr A Patterson Pheonix (Whitewreaths From The Ashes) won a strong 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch, handled by Lauren Bridges. Kennel mate Travis (Travistock Carbon Fut Print of Whitewreath) took 1st Puppy Dog and went on to take Best Puppy In Breed, handled by Lisa Bridges finishing the show year on a nice high for us.
  • At the Akita Association Championship Show we had a fabulous day. We took our 2 youngsters Travis & Phoenix. Making his debut was Travis (Travistock Carbon Fut Print of Whitewreath) under Judge Mr Brian Hindley he was awarded 1st Minor Puppy Dog then Best Puppy Dog in fantastic company, his kennel mate Phoenix (Whitewreaths From The Ashes) under Judge Mr Gary Lewthwaite was awarded 1st Minor Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch, leaving the two youngsters gong head to head for the Best In Show, which was awarded to Phoenix. What a great feeling to be back in the ring handling my own dog stood in the final lineup with 2 of my dogs and with my best friend and handler Lisa Bridges. Very proud moment indeed.
  • At City of Birmingham Champ Show, under respected Judge Mrs Lisa Pearson - Phoenix (Whitewreath From The Ashes) takes 1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy Bitch, piloted by her young, talented handler, Miss Lauren Bridges. They made a great team!
  • New kid on the block, baby Phoenix (Whitewreath From the Ashes) our daughter of Whitewreath Wat Goes Around and the UK's top winning brindle Champion Minioso's Stripes of Glory - makes her show debut at the tender age of 6 months with handler Lisa Bridges and wins 1st Minor Puppy Bitch qualifying her for Crufts 2019 at Bournemouth Championship Show.
  • At the World Dog Show in Amsterdam at the Specialities Show, Ch Caeson's son Travistock War Lord for Shyllar on the back of his 2nd CC wins the CAC with Best of Breed and Group 4. Huge Congratulations to owners Julie & Carl Nicholls on his success.
  • At Paignton Championship show Ch. Caeson's daughter 'Ir Ch Geilsaven Heavenly Kiss' (Ruby) wins the Bitch CC and BOS. Congratulations to Breeders/ Owners Ellen & Joe O'Neil on Ruby's 1st CC.
  • Massive Congratulations to Julie & Carl Nicholls with their Ch. Caeson son, Travistock War Lord for Shyllar on gaining his 2nd CC at East of England, fingers crossed his crowning CC is not too far away. We would also like to Congratulate his breeder Jill Hopkins, and thank her for having the faith in our boy Caeson to produce such a fabulous litter with Ch Travistock Kiacis. Jill's bitch (litter sister) Travistock Star Attraction also won limit bitch at the same show - Well Done!
  • Congratulations to Team Geilsaven, Ellen & Joe, for making up their home-bred Caeson Daughter, Irish Champion Geilsaven Heavenly Kiss (Ruby) who comes from Champion / Ir Champion Geilsaven Wear My Kiss. We are delighted for Ellen & Joe, well done Ruby! Caeson is now the proud Sire of 2 x UK Champions, Multi Int. Champion, South African Champion and now Irish Champion, we would like to thank the breeders / owners / handlers for making this possible.
  • We would like to Congratulate Caeson's Son 'Travistock War Lord for Shyllar' (Tarot) for winning his first Dog CC at Southern Counties 2018 for his owners Julie & Carl Nichols, handled by Carl. Many Congratulations!
  • We are super proud to announce that 'Achi' (Whitewreaths One Vision) has earned his titles of Mordovian & Russian Junior Champion. We are thrilled for his owner Sergey and of course his talented handler Anastasia. Many Congratulations!
  • We start 2018 with lots of exciting news for our kennel. Firstly we would like to welcome to Team Whitewreath, our Co-Breeder and Fellow 'Ground-Crew' Hollie Murray (formally Mabushii). Hollie and myself have been very close friends for more than 10 years now, I have watched her breedings with great interest and in more recent years helped with putting breedings together, even bringing a Mabushii puppy back to Whitewreath "Taylor". Hollie and I find we are going in the same direction, breeding wise and like the same type, also Hollie has many Whitewreath dogs over the years. I found myself leaning on Hollie for support over the years and go to her with new idea's for her opinion, so for many years I'd say she's been a silent partner of the affix. But for 2018 we decided to join forces and be 'Together Stronger' in our quest to produce a Whitewreath type. So we would like to officially welcome Hollie to the team!

    Also fresh for 2018 is some fabulous news that Whitewreaths Wat Goes Around with Mabushii (Karma) who is litter sister to Ch Whitewreaths Carbon Copy has been confirmed in whelp to the UK's Top Winning brindle Ch Minioso's Stripes Of Glory, We expect great type from these two beautiful Akitas and look forward to welcoming new additions very soon. We would like to thank Lisa, Colin & Colleen for allowing us to use her fabulous boy, he's a dog we have admired for a long time.

    We would also like to Congratulate fellow breeder and friend, Jill Hopkins (Travistock Akitas) who have just recieved a confirmation of pregnancy with her girl Ch Travistock Kiacis to our home bred by, Ch Whitewreaths Carbon Copy. Congratulations Jill, we look forward to seeing the babies.

News from 2017......

  • Owing to personal circumstances this year our dogs have not made very many apprearances at UK Champ Shows, something we are hoping will change very soon. But we have been delighted to see our dogs oversea's doing very well and also Offspring of Caeson still challenging for top awards here in the UK for their Breeders/Owners. A little bit of news in the form of Hip Scores 'Whitewreath Mabushii Shake It Off' (Taylor) is Hip Scored 4 / 4 Total 8 and Whitewreaths Keep The Faith was Hip Scored at 18 Months also coming back as a 4 / 4 total of 8. We would like to take this opportunity to wish our friends all the very best of luck for the remainder of the show season - we hope to be with you soon... And breeding plans for 2018 will be announced shortly.
  • News just in from Ecuador at the International Dog Show NEW CHAMPION Ellie was crowned and is now known as Ecuadorian Champion Whitewreaths Head of State Ruthdales CH. JEc. Ch. JCo. CH CEC. at just 18 months she takes this award with Best of Breed - Best of Group and BEST IN SHOW 2. Ellie is daughter of India and Ch Ruthdales State of the Art. Congratulations Christian Troya and Team Ruthdales - we are so proud of Ellie


  • Sadly we were unable to attend Windsor Ch Show, but we would like to Congratulate friends Ellen and Joe O'Neill of Geilsaven Akitas for winning the Reserve Bitch CC with Geilsaven Heavenly Kiss, daughter of our own Ch Caeson and the very beautiful Ch Geilsaven Wear My Kiss. Litter sister Geilsaven Miss Me Kiss Me has also had a super career so far winning Green Star and Res Greens Stars in Ireland. Congrats Guys!
  • At Border Union Ch Show under Mr Webb Ch Whitewreaths Carbon Copy won his 13th Res CC, Piloted as usual by Lisa Bridges. This boy never lets us down, win or lose he's an incredible dog and one we are always very proud to take home. His current record stands at 11 CC's and 13 Res CC's and he's not yet 4 years old.
  • At the Nationals Dog Show, under highly respected top all - rounder Judge Mr Frank Kane, Ch Whitewreaths Carbon Copy won his 11th CC taking his tally to 11 CC's and 12 RCC's. Also 'Baby Faith' won 2nd In Junior Bitch - Both handled by Lisa Bridges. In Ecuador, JCh Whitewreath's Head of State with Ruthdales won Best Opposite Sex and then went on to win Best In Show 3 (9-18 Months) for her delighted owner Christian Troya.
  • Unfortunately this year we had to miss CRUFTS due to our new litter arriving - We are thrilled to welcome 8 new babies from DeeDee & Ch Ruthdales State of the Art. However, Huge Congratulations to all of our friends who placed well at Crufts this year, and to Team Stecal for representing our breed in the Utility Group.
  • Great start to the year, At Boston Championship Show, under Breed Specialist Judge, Mrs Ellen O'Neill (Gailsaven) Ch Bae was awarded Reserve Best Dog and his half sister 'Baby Faith' was awarded 2nd Puppy Bitch behind the Res Best Bitch winner. Thank you once again to Team Bae & Team Faith 'Mother & Daughter handling duo', Lisa & Lauren for their handling skills, and as a team we look forward to the rest of the season, with possibly a new member to the team :-)

News from 2016......

  • At the last show of the year Ch Bae fininshed up winning his Open Dog Class under Judge Mrs Clare Andrew (Claren). However star of the day was 'Baby Faith' with handler Lauren Bridges who went on to win 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch and the Reserve Bitch CC - Well Done Team Faith - we are so very proud of you. We would like to wish all of our friends a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy the break and we will see you all in the new year. Much Love from Team Whitewreath!
  • At BUBA Champ Show under Judge Mrs Sheila Thompson 'Baby Faith' handled by young 9 year old Lauren Bridges was once again 1st Minor Puppy Bitch, Half brother 'Ch Baelor' won 1st Open Dog and his 10th CC handled as always by Lisa Bridges.
  • Midland Counties Ch Show under Judge Betty Peach 'Baby Faith' once again wins 1st Minor Puppy Bitch. Half Brother 'Baelor' wins his 12th Reserve Dog CC.
  • South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show, under breed specialist Mr Brian Hindley 'Baby Faith' (Whitewreaths Keep The Faith) made her show debut. Piloted by Lisa she was awarded 1st in Minor Puppy Bitch - Qualifying her for Crufts. Her half brother 'Baelor' continued his win in Open Dog with his 9th CC. Many thanks for all the lovely ringside comments, very much appreciated.
  • Akita Ass. Ch Show 2016 under Breed Specialist Karyn Fowkes 'Baelor' won a fantastic Open Dog class and went on to win his 8th CC. For 2 years running at this show our boys have taken home the Dog CC. Many thanks to our judge Karyn (Kyoshi) for her valued opinion and once again to our 'Showtime Mummy' Lisa Bridges for her hard work and dedication to the team.
  • Bournemouth Ch Show, and Baelor is awarded his 11th Reserve CC under Breed Specialist Mrs Roberta Wright. We would like to offer our Congratulations to the Dog CC winner 'Dexter' for his 2nd CC today. Many Congratus to all.
  • Paignton Ch Show 2015 Baelor (Ch Whitewreaths Carbon Copy) took his first CC... Today he returned to Paignton Ch Show a year later as a Champion and won his 7th CC under Judge Mr Rodney Oldham, who previously awarded Bae's Sire - Ch Caeson his 2nd Dog CC and a Reserve CC in his younger years. Many thanks to Mr Oldham for recognising the consistent type between my boys.
  • Whitewreaths Head of State Ruthdales (Ellie) made her show debut in Ecuador at the Quito international Dog Show 2 day show. Ellie did us proud by winning Best Puppy In Show (3-6 Months) on both days! Making her Ecuadorian Baby Champion. Huge Congrats to her owners Christian Troya and Matt & Janet. (India x Ch Ruthdales State of the Art)
  • Border Union 2016 and Ch Whitewreaths Carbon Copy 'Baelor' continues his winning streak and is awarded his 6th CC this time with Best of Breed under well respected breed specialist Sheena O'Neill Clark (anShee) he was then Group Shortlisted under Mr Roger Bayliss. At the same show Ch Caeson's Daughter 'Travistock Star Attraction' owned and bred by Jill Hopkins from Ch Travistock Kiacis won her 2nd Best Puppy In Breed and was also shortlisted in the Puppy Group - Congratulations Jill & Peter with Texas!
  • At Three Counties Ch Show under Mr Tim Ball 'Baelor' was awarded his 10th Reserve CC, as always handled by Lisa
  • At Southern Counties Ch Show under Top All Rounder Mrs Zena Thorn-Andrews 'Baelor' goes on to win his 5th CC and BOS Piloted once again by Lisa Bridges. Congratulations also to Baelor's litter sister 'Karma' (Whitewreath Wat Goes Around Mabushii) for Qualifying for Crufts 2017 on her show debut. Owned by Hollie Murray.


  • NEW ARRIVAL TO THE TEAM.... We would like to welcome 'Whitewreaths Keep The Faith' (Faith) Daughter of our stunning Ch. Caeson and our beautiful 'DeeDee' - Pictured at 7 weeks.


  • At SKC CH Show under Judge Mr Peter Jolley 'Baelor' goes on to win his 4th CC. Following on from SKC was the Club of Scotland show where under Val Geddes Baelor was 2nd Limit Dog. Handled as always by Lisa Bridges.
  • At The Nationals CH Show May 2016 Ch. Baelor goes on to win his 9th Reserve CC under Judge Mr Chris Thomas (Kingrock) As always piloted by Lisa Bridges.
  • The first show of the year for our Kennels and what a way to start the year.... Right off the back of his 2nd CC at LKA, Baelor became our 2nd CHAMPION and first home bred CHAMPION gaining his 3rd and crowning CC under judge Mr H Ogden. Piloted as always by his Showtime Mummy Lisa Bridges. We look forward to the rest of 2016 and what it has to offer.


News from 2015......

  • At the last show of the year, LKA the Whitewreath boys did us proud! At his retirement show 'Caeson' was placed 1st in Open Dog, his super star son 'Baelor' was placed 1st in Limit Dog leading to both my boys standing together in the final lineup, a very proud moment for me. Whitewreaths Carbon Copy (Baelor) went on to be awarded his Second CC & BOS under breed specialist Judge Mrs Pam Window. We now look forward to campaigning Baelor throughout 2016 hoping to gain his crown. Caeson on the other hand has now retired from his show career as a UK Champion, and proven producer of UK Champion offspring and multiple CC winners. Wishing one and all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and of course all the very best for the new year ahead. Here's to 2016 and what ever delights it may hold.
  • At the Akita Association Championship Show, under Judge Mr T. Mathers NEW CHAMPION 'Caeson' gained his 3rd and Crowning CC with Best Opposite Sex and then went on to win Reserve Best In Show under Judges Mr T Mather & Mrs Tina Thomas, Piloted to his crown by Lisa Bridges. His son Baelor (Whitewreaths Carbon Copy) was awarded 2nd Limit Dog also under Mr T Mathers. Thank you to everyone for their continued support and encouragement with both of my boy. Its very much appreciated!
  • Darlington Ch Show saw Baelor take 1st In Limit Dog and his 8th Reserve CC under Judge Mrs Maria Harding. As always Bae was piloted by Lisa Bridges. Also under the capeable hands of Lisa Bae's Sire 'Caeson' made an appearance on the show scene to win a respectable 3rd in Open Dog.. Many thanks to all for their continued support and encouragement with our boys.
  • At City of Birmingham 2015 under Judge Earl Rozario, Baelor takes 2nd in Open Dog and Reserve Best Dog. Handled by Lisa Bridges.
  • At Paignton Ch Show, under Judge Mrs Marion Sargent Bae wins 1st Limit Dog and this time finishes that with his 1st DOG CC and B.O.S handled as always by Lisa Bridges, we are over the moon! Thank you to everyone for their lovely messages they mean so much.


  • Leeds Ch Show saw Bae continue his path in Limit Dog winning his 7th Reserve CC under Judge Helen Burke. He looked amazing on the day, handled as always by Lisa, picture provided by Faye Bevis (Stecal)
  • At Blackpool under Judge Bert Easdon, Bae took his 6th Reserve CC, this time from the Limit Dog class.
  • Three Counties 2015, Bae's 2nd show of the year and following on from his success at Crufts he once again took the RCC (his 5th) behind the same Best Dog from Crufts. This time under breed specialist Mr Stephen Rann. Handled as always by his best friend, Lisa Bridges.
  • We started 2015 at Crufts with our boy Whitewreath's Carbon Copy, entering into his junior career we went expecting nothing and came away delighted. Not only did Baelor take 1st in Junior Dog but he was also awarded the Reserve CC (his 4th) under Judge Mrs Lorraine Webb. We can not thank our judge enough for this achievement on such a young boy. Here is the super write up given by Mrs Webb...

    'Iason's Whitewreath Carbon Copy, to recieve the RCC at Crufts is certainly a cereer changing moment for any exhibit, but at this level & in this company it is even more significant but I am sure he is more than capable of carrying this honour & even emulating it in the future. I was quite taken aback by the amount of Akita breed type & quality that has been acquired for an exhibit in this classification, particularly in a large breed where development has to be monitored carefully. He makes an impact instantly, presenting a body shape that is so pleasing to the eye & complimentary to the standard. With first class presentation that takes advantage of a coat that is plush & standing off with a feel of mink, he is just as impressive on closer inspection, making hands on a limited exercise. His head qualities show masculinity with evident strength from well developed cheeks to compliment his muzzle to skull ratio, his well set eyes present a most friendly expression & accompanied by a very pleasant ear set. His construction is sound throughout showing the moderation to angles & articulation front & rear, precise handling on the move produced a very impressive side gait & inline movement showing no deviations. I envisage him being around quite a while. A most worthy RCC - Mrs L Webb'

News from 2014....

  • 2014 was a great year for our young home bred boy Whitewreath's Carbon Copy, he finished the year with 11 Best Puppy Dog, 7 Best Puppy In Breed with 3 Reserve CC's, a Puppy Group 4, Puppy Group3, Puppy Group 2, Puppy Group 1 with Reserve Best Puppy In Show and was the top Male Puppy of 2014. He will now take a small break to change coats and mature...
  • WINDSOR CH SHOW - Bae (Whitewreath's Carbon Copy) has an amazing Windsor experience by winning his 4th Best Puppy In Breed under Judge Mrs Susan Sadler (Keskai), but this time he went on to win the Utility Puppy Group THEN Reserve Best Puppy In Show under Judge Mrs A. Oliver. Exclusively handled by Lisa Bridges - Words actually fail me at this point, Bae has achieved so much by the age of 9 months, we really are blessed.
  • SOUTHERN COUNTIES CH SHOW - Bae (Whitewreath's Carbon Copy) continues his winning streak by winning Best Puppy In Breed and this time a superb Puppy Group 2! Handled once again by his best friend Lisa Bridges.
  • SCOTTISH KENNEL CLUB CH Show - Bae (Whitewreath's Carbon Copy) once again wins 1st Minor Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and his 2nd Reserve CC at just 8 months. We really are blown away by Bae's early success and look forward to what the future holds for this special young man.
  • NATIONAL CH Show - Bae (Whitewreath's Carbon Copy) at only his 2nd show, once again wins 1st Minor Puppy, Best Puppy Dog, Best Puppy In Breed, but this time goes one better by taking the Reserve Dog CC and Utility Puppy Group 4. To say we are delighted would be an understatement. We would like to thank everyone for their comments on Bae and support ringside. And thank our judges: Mr Roy Baker & Mr Hans van den Berg for thinking so highly of our boy - Handled as always by his dedicated handler Lisa Bridges who is an absolutely invaluable member of our team xxx

  • CRUFTS 2014: Unfortunately Caeson was unable to attend Crufts this year due to coat condition but we were delighted to see his children in the ring and doing well. Int Ch 'Rio' came back from his trip to Russia looking quite the matured boy, and his daughter 'Millie' (Bekeyta Born This Way) won 1st in Post Graduate Bitch! Congratulations to all exhibitors on the day, and Big Well Done to this Years Dog CC & Bitch CC winners, Will & Maddie.

    Millie - Bekeyta Born This Way - Caeson's Daughter - 1st Post Graduate Bitch
    Rio - Int Ch Yudhishtra's Ryutarou with Callmn - Caeson's Son


News from 2013....

  • At the final show of the year LKA, and in true festive spirit Caeson and Lisa (in full pink leopard print onesie) won Open Dog and this time the Dog CC and Best of Breed under Judge Mr Rodney Oldham.
  • At BUBA Ch Show in the hands of Lisa Bridges Caeson wins a very strong Open Dog class and the Reserve Dog CC under Judge Mr John Dunhill
  • We are delighted to announce our 2013 expected Litters, see our Matings page for details.
  • Whitewreath Kennels are in the process of relocating. Our new home is situated in the Doncaster area of South Yorkshire. Our new contact number(S) 01302 247 647 OR 07503 911 276.
  • A bit of good news from Louise Hughes, Whitewreath Bright Hope wins Best Puppy In Breed, Reserve Best of Breed and Puppy Group 2 in the hands of her young handler, 12 Year old Lucie Allen. Congratulations to all involved.
  • Sadly, and with heavy hearts, we announce the loss of a truly remarkable dog, our handsome, loyal and all loving foundation boy Remi. Our appreciation to his breeders Sheena and Andrew Clark for allowing us to share these years with Remi. He will be missed for the rest of our lives. He leaves behind his little legacy in his daughter Saffy, and his great grand-daughter Miley. God speed now my old and dear friend, until we meet again x x x
  • Miley (Lamori Tiger Lily from Whitewreath) Hip Score Results: 4 ; 4 Total of 8.
  • At long last we are finally moving back to my home town of Yorkshire. As a result of this, the Whitewreath gang will be taking a short break from the ring, we hope to be back towards the mid to late Summer :)


News from 2012 ....

  • At the Akita Club of Scotland Championship Show Caeson wins 2nd in Open Dog, yet his son 'Yudhishtra's Ryutarou with Callmn' wins the Dog CC, Reserve BIS & BPIS at just 9 months. Congratulations to his owners Louise & Andrew, and his Breeders Robert and Mridula.
  • What a day for Whitewreath at Windsor Ch Show, under Judge Jenny Killilea Caeson wins the Dog CC and Best of Breed, his kennel mate Miley wins her 2nd RCC with Best Puppy In Breed - Under Group Judge Mr Quinney Caeson went Group 4 - We are delighted by these fantastic wins and our thanks to both Judges on the day.

  • At Border Union, handled by Mr Andrew Clark, under Judge Marion Sargent, Caeson won 1st Open Dog and his 6th Reserve CC. His kennel mate Miley won 1st Puppy Bitch and the Reserve Bitch CC from just her 2nd Championship Show!
  • Miley qualifies for Crufts 2013 at SKC with 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch under Judge Dianna Spavin, her kennel mate Caeson takes 1st Limit Dog
  • Miley made her show debut at Spey Valley Canine Club Show and we are pleased to say she was awarded Best Puppy In Show under Judge Ian Duncan. We look forward to the rest of Miley's show career.
  • Our first show of the season and Caeson wins 1st Limit Dog and his 5th Reserve CC at WELKS under Breed Specialist Chris McLean (Melodor) handled by Mr Andrew Clark.
  • 2012 has arrived along with a new arrival, we are thrilled to welcome 'Miley' home to Whitewreath. She is a stunning Red and White baby with huge potential, we look forward to campaigning her alongside her kennels mates this season.

News from 2011 ...

  • Hip Score Results are in, Anshee Walk This Way to Whitewreath (Maisey) 0 : 2 Total 2 and Dayami's Designer Lines from Whitewreath (India) 4 : 3 Total 7 and finally Anshee Walk The Walk (Vinnie) 6 : 7 Total 13, we are delighted with these results.
  • At the Welsh Kennel Club, Whitewreath Hotstuff at Toshiko 'Cassie' owned by Lauren Haynes places 1st Post Graduate Bitch under Judge Tracy Morgan.
  • Border Union see's Caeson continue his show success placing 1st in Limit Dog yet again, this time under Judge Graeme Cruze, he was as always handled by Andrew Clark.
  • At Three Counties Caeson places 1st Limit Dog and takes his 4th Reserve CC under Judge Rodney Oldham. Handled by Andrew Clark.
  • Hudson (Whitewreath Stop And Stare) our 2nd Generation of breeding, owned by Hollie Murray confirmed Hip Score of 0 : 3.
  • At SKC Ceason places 1st Limit Dog with handler Mr Andrew Clark.
  • At Birmingham National Ch. Show, Caeson places 1st Limit Dog and takes his 3rd Reserve CC under Judge Jill Hadleigh. Handled once again by Mr. Andrew Clark.
  • Whitewreath Kennels are proud to introduce our newest member to the team 'Nosferatu's Flaming Hot at Whitewreath' (Flame). Many Thanks to Chris & Tina Thomas for this wonderful baby.
  • At W.E.L.K.S Championship Show, Whitewreath Hotstuff at Toshiko 'Cassie' owned by Lauren Haynes, placed 2nd Post Graduate Bitch, under Breed Specialist Judge Mrs Tina Thomas.
  • At Otley Canine Club Show, Vinnie placed 2nd Akita Puppy under Judge Angela Dawes (Shizaru)
  • At The Akita Club of Scotlands 3rd Championship Show, Caeson continues his string of 1st places, heading the Post Graduate class with handler Andrew Clark.
  • CRUFTS 2011 ~ A great day for Whitewreath! Our young male 'Vinnie' took 4th Special Puppy Dog against strong competition, and our super star 'Caeson' continued his string of class wins, once again he went 1st Yearling Dog. Both boys handled by Mr Andrew Clark. Our Congratulations to Lauren Haynes with Whitewreath Hotstuff for Toshiko 'Cassie' who placed 2nd Post Graduate Bitch from a class of 12.
  • Our young male 'Vinnie' starts off the show year for us with a weekend of Open Shows. Day 1 he took Best of Breed and Best Puppy In Breed, also shortlisted in the Group. Day 2 he went Best Puppy In Breed again, and Puppy Group 4 ~ Well Done to Vinnie and handler, Co-Owner Di Atkinson.

News from 2010 ...

  • At the last Championship Show of the Year L.K.A, Under Judge Mrs Jenny Killilea (Redwitch) Caeson continued his success and won 1st Place in Junior Dog. At her show debut and at only 7 Months old, Maisey took 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy In Breed and the Bitch CC, Qualifying her for her Stud Book Number and Crufts for life. She is the first 'Draco' baby to be awarded a CC so far. Thank you to Andrew Clark who handled both my babies today, and to Jenny for thinking so highly of them both. A great finish to what has been an amazing 2010!
  • At Midland Counties Ch. Show our latest young boy ' Vinnie ' made his show debut having just turned 6 months. Under US Judge Mrs Judy Harrington, he was placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Dog (behind the Dog CC winner) Qualifying for Crufts 2011. Vinnie is Co-Owned with Dianne Atkinson and Martin Chapman, our Congrats to Dianne as this was her first show!
  • At The Akita Ass. Club Championship Show, ' Caeson ' was placed 1st Jnr Dog under Breed Specialist Chris McLean (Melodor)
  • Caeson's Hip Score comes back 4 : 3 making a total of 7
  • At Darlington Championship Show, ' Caeson ' steps out for his 1st time in Junior Dog and takes 1st place, he then went on to take his 2nd Res CC! He was handled by Mr Andrew Clark.
  • At the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show ' Caeson ' won 1st in Puppy Dog and Whitewreath Hotstuff at Toshiko ' Cassie ' takes 2nd in Post Graduate
    Bitch for owner Lauren Haynes under Judge Susan Sadler (Keskai)
  • At Leeds Championship Show ' Caseon ' takes 2nd Puppy Dog under Judge Maureen Thompson
  • At Blackpool Championship Show ' Caeson ' had a superb day, handled by Mr Andrew Clark he was awarded 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog,
    Best Puppy In Breed and the Reserve Dog CC ~ Qualifying him for Crufts for life and Earning his stud book number at just 9 months!
    Our Thanks to Judge Mrs Ann Arch.
  • At Banff Moray & Nairn Canine Club Show ' Caeson ' has a fabulous day! Starting off with 1st Akita Post Grad, Best of Breed, Adult G4. Puppy Group 1 and
    Best Puppy In Show again! Making this his 3rd!
  • At The S.K.C Championship Show in Edinburgh ' Caeson ' took 2nd MPD qualifying him for Crufts 1st time out. Caeson was handled by Mr Andrew Clark
  • At Roseisle ' Caeson ' won 1st AV Puppy and went on to take Best Puppy In Show!
  • With the heaviest of hearts we announce the sad loss of our beloved girl 'Tory'. Run free my baby xx
  • At Consett Canine Club Show 'Whitewreath's Eye Kandy' ( Kiya ) takes 2nd in Akita Open and Res. Best of Breed. Congratulations to her devoted owners
    Dianne & Martin!
  • At W.E.L.K.S Championship Show Whitewreath Hotstuff at Toshiko ( Cassie ) qualified for Crufts 2011 under Judge Geoff Corish with a 3rd in Post Graduate Bitch.
    This was her owner 'Lauren's' first time in the show ring, so we are really proud of both of them :o)
  • At Perthshire & Dist. Canine Club, the Whitewreath boys 'Caeson' & 'Hudson' had a fabulous day, with Whitewreath Stop N Stare ( Hudson ) taking 3rd Akita Open, going on to take 4th in the Utility Puppy Group. Caeson 'Anshee Heads N Tails over Whitewreath' made his show debut and came home with, 2nd Akita Open, going on to take 1st in the Minor Utility Group leading to Best Minor Puppy In Show!!! Many thanks to the judges who thought so highly of our boys!
  • Whitewreath's Eye Kandy ( Kiya ) makes her show debut at Birtley & Dist. Canine Club Show. Handled by her owner Dianne Atkinson, this was a first show for both
    dog and handler, together they took 4th AVNSC going up against other Akita's in her class. Well Done Dianne on your 1st show experience!
  • Whitewreath Stop N Stare ( Hudson ) takes 3rd AVNSC Puppy in a very large class at Tunbridge Wells & District Canince Society.
  • Breedings for 2010 announced ~ Check out the ' Matings ' Page.
  • Whitewreath Stop N Stare ( Hudson ) makes his show debut at Manchester Ch. Show and places 2nd in MPD. Qualifying him for Crufts 2011 at
    the first Ch show of the year! Well Done! Handled by his Co-Owned, our dear friend, Louise Hughes.


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