We are excited to present DeeDee, bred from the mating of Miley to 'Hoolocks Fireball' (Suptnik), making her our 4th generation of Whitewreath breeding. We chose Sputnik for Miley's first breeding as we felt they complimented one another, and we were right to believe so, as we could not be more pleased with the results! DeeDee comes from a litter of 4 puppies, and we found it incredibly hard making our choices as the litter were all so very beautiful.

DeeDee is such a strong and powerful bitch, yet is still sound on the move. One of the best heads I have seen on a bitch with strong well placed shoulders. DeeDee has moderate rear angles giving her lovely free rear action on the move when viewed from all angles. As you can see DeeDee is such a flashy girl with gorgeous deep rich red colouration. But I'd have to say by far, DeeDee's best quality is her temperament. She is an absolute delight with people, children, dogs, cats... you name it I can guarentee DeeDee will love it. Affectionately known at home as 'Licky Licky Diddles' ... we really are blessed to have this beautiful girl in our lives. We would like to thank Janine Garbutt for trusting in ourselves and our Miley enough to allow us to put this breeding together.

Dee-Dee was bred to our Champion 'Caeson' and produced for us a stunning litter of 5 - 4 Boys and 1 little Girl, but what a girl she turned out to be winning the Reserve CC from her 4th Show in Minor Puppy Classes. We look forward to seeing what DeeDee will produce for us in the future. We then bred DeeDee to Champion Ruthdales State of the Art and produced a fabulous litter of 5 boys and 3 girls which resulted in DeeDee's First Champion offspring, Russian Champion Whitewreaths One Vision.



Whitewreaths Keep The Faith - RBCC Winner from Minor Puppy Class

Ch. Whitewreaths One Vision - Russian Champion
Russian & Mordovian Junior Champion Titles

Whitewreaths Innuendo Ruthdales - World Dog Show Germany - 3rd Puppy

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Hip Score: 2/5 Total 7

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