Thalia is our beautiful daughter of "Ember", making her grand-daughter of our "Ch Baelor" and great grand-daughter of our handsome boy "Ch Caeson". Ember was our only daughter of our handsome Baelor, and so our last link back to him and Caeson, we knew when choosing a suitor for Ember, that he had to be special, something that we believe carried the same type and values in an Akita that we had in our own. We went to the drawing board, and every time, came back to the same dog. Having seen what this boy produced to our own "Whitewreath Wat Goes Around with Mabushii" - resulting in our stunning brindle beauty "Phoenix" we felt sure that there simply was no other match we could consider at the time for this special girl. We weren't dissapointed. Ch Minioso's Stripes of Glory (Dexter) - and he really is glorious! Amazing type, beautiful head, small ears, excellent bone, tight cat like feet, stunning coat type and texture and a good mover, he complimented so many of Embers qualities, and improved in the area's where we felt were required. 

The results from this combination were breath taking. We were thrilled with the quality and type of the entire litter, so consistent. Temperaments were just to die for, and the breed type was just what we had hoped for, and more! Which made choosing our keeper extremely hard. We knew that a male from this breeding probably wouldn't help us going forward with our breeding program, however could take us places in the show scene, but we had to be realistic and if possible, take the best of both worlds and keep a bitch that could show well for us, and also continue into the next generation of Whitewreath type. After many weeks we finally made our final choice, and doubled our chances and kept 2 sisters, and we are so pleased that we did.

Thalia is every bit the typy puppy we had hoped for, although very similar to her sister Tasha, she remains different in other ways, which made choosing between these girls virtually impossible. Thalia is such a stylish girl, full of breed type. Her nature is second to none, she is affectionate and always happy. She has good bone, type, structure and coat texture, beautiful feet, lovely moderate rear angulation and lovely clean movement.  We can't wait to see Thalia mature and what she brings to the table for team Whitewreath in the future.




Ch. Minioso's Stripes of Glory
Minioso's Evernight
Ch / Am Ch Dembe's Last Dragon
Danti Just The Ticket for Minioso
Redwitch Girl Power at Minioso
Ch Rossimon Norfolk and Chance with Minioso
Ch Redwitch What Goes Around
Reach for the Stars of Michiko Shameika Whitewreath Imp Bel
Ch. Whitewreaths Carbon Copy
Ch. Anshee Heads N Tails over Whitewreath
Dayami's Designer Lines from Whitewreath
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Ch Redwitch Will I Am
Redwitch Easy On The Eyes
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Eyes Clear

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