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Hosting - How Safe Is Your Data?

Hosting is the act of storing your web site on a computer connected to the Internet in a way that others can access that data to see your site.

There are many pitfalls of hosting that can prevent others seeing your site. Power failure, computer crashes, internet connectivity failure, or simply data loss.

To ensure our customers receive maximum 'up-time' of their sites allied with reliability and power fail protection and automated back up this is a service we outsource. The server house we have chosen is one of the largest in europe and has greater than 99.9% up time with automated back-ups and both battery and generator protection from power cuts. In addition they have multiple connections to the Internet in case one should fail. Your data, your business is protected, safe and secure.

We have heard of other web design services who carry out their own in-house hosting, while some may be very competent, be cautious. In one case this was a simple as a home PC plugged into the wall using a broadband phone line! A power cut, telephone fault, or simple hard disk failure would have wiped out every site this 'business' ran. Caveat Emptor! We outsource to provide you with the best we can find, we look at reliability in line with cost providing you with one of the best the market has to offer.



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