What's In A Name?


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Domain Names, Their Importance to You.

We use them every day, there are thousands of new one's registered daily and millions already registered. The correct choice in domain name make or break your site.

Domain names come in many flavours .com, .co.uk, .eu, .net, .org, etc. etc. but both what's before the suffix, and what suffix to use says a lot about your business.

You need to consider the basic site name no spaces are allowed in domain names and punctuation causes problems or is not allowed. Many popular word combinations are already in use to add to the problem. Additionally the suffix you use can tell people about your business. .co.uk would imply you are a uk company whereas .net says I only sell on the Internet. The mighty .com while strictly an american suffix has come to imply a world wide selling company.

We can check availability and suggest domain names to suit your type. In some cases we may suggest only one in other cases we may suggest a few. But don't fear our domain names are very reasonable in cost coming in at under mostly under £10 each.



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