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Our Clients And What We Offer Them.

We want you the customer to have the web site of your dreams, being able to talk freely to us ensures you get that. and we are proud to say many of our clients, especially in the dog world have become our friends. We like a friendly working relationship as this enables you to freely ask us for changes or comment on our ideas. Remember we do not charge until you are happy with the end result.

Whitewreath Kennels

Whitewreath Kennels asked for a complete re-design of the site they had. They gave the design brief of mountains and a blue/white colour scheme. Our first idea was exactly what they wanted and has become their site. In addition Whitewreath Kennels also has used us for promotional goods,a DVD Slide show, and advertising media.



Icetrax moved to us from a family member who designed their previous site. Their previous site they felt was dated and they asked us for a new fresh design, along the lines of some of our other work. Their site is bigger than many of our other customers, but we were still sensibly affordable for them. The basic framework for the site was available to them within a few days and following their approval the site was ready for posting on the Internet after a couple of weeks.


Minioso gave us the brief of red/black colours with a definite Japanese theme. We could not find a picture we liked for the masthead so the top waterscape / sunset scene was created 100% artificially in-house for them specifically. They were over the moon with the design and stuck with our ideas all the way through the site. Minioso also used us for their recent advert design in the breed annual.


Innim wanted a warm countryside theme. After some playing around with ideas we came up with the dispayed site. They were not sure of any other design features and left the creativity with us. Our first design presentation was immediately accepted.


We designed Kabu's previous site but Kabu decided it was time to freshen up the pages with a new design. A break from our traditional layout we presented Kabu with the design to the left. This linked in perfectly with some graphic elements they provided us for inclusion to their old site which did not really suit that style. Kabu were enthused at the new design and went with it straight away.


An idea that we were asked for some time ago that ended up as a concept site. The idea was for a free directory for businesses in the Moray area. The site is database driven to allow searching and businesses can add to instantly. Although becoming a concept site this will be revamped shortly to liven it up, rework, and publicise the idea. Originally the site was never publicised , hence lack of available data.



Harivo wanted a simple clutter free design and didn't envisage many updates throughout the year. They came to us and were surprised how little we charge. While their site is one of our more basic designs we will be 'freshening' it up for them free of charge in the near future as a loyalty reward.


Seijitsu came to us for their web site having seen some of the other work we had done. They wanted a Japanese theme but not obviously similar to anything else we had done. After a few days and following changes which they requested we came up with their current web site design.



Danti wanted an advert for the breed annual. The request was to tie it in with their web site design which is done by another company. The masthead needed considerable work as areas were obstructed on the web site and Danti did not have the originals. Additionally the printers required the print ready copy in Adobe Acrobat .PDF type files. We were happy to oblige and Danti went with our design.


Travel Emporium are a travel agency in Calne, Wiltshire. They came to us with an established site design with another web design studio and required the freedom of being able to update their own site but without having programming knowledge. We took over their web site and converted so that they could do real time in-house updates. We also added in extra features and functionality for them. After three successful years with us Travel Emporium joined forces with a multi-national travel agency who already had a web site framework which they had to switch to.

Calne Travel

Calne Travel came to us some six years ago. At the time they had no I.T. (computer) equipment in their offices. They were looking to purchase a small network of computers but did not know where to start. GPIMedia custom made three initial machines, installed software and a back up solution. In addition the machines were networked. Despite being in the North of Scotland the machines were packaged to Wiltshire and installed by unskilled Calne Travel staff as an 'out of the box' solution. All the machines and the network worked from the off and fulfilled the needs of this business and are still doing so. While we do not advertise our services as such we are happy to advise clients on I.T. matters and come up with solutions to their problems.


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