Welcome to Whitewreath Kennels. We are Charlie & Geof Iason and have owned the Akita since our founding in 2001, although many months of research went into the breed before making our first purchase. We have been extremely lucky to have the help and guidance of some of the UK's leading Akita Breeders and Exhibitors in the first few vital years of establishing our Kennels and for which we will be eternally grateful.

Our foundation dogs both came from the very successful 'Anshee' Kennels. 'Anshee The Bee's Knees at Whitewreath' or "Pru" as she was affectionately known at home and 'Anshee Let 'Em Talk for Whitewreath' our sweet boy "Remi". Both these dogs laid strong foundations for our kennel, producing strong heads, good rear angulations, luxurious coats, but most of all, super sound temperaments!

Pru & Remi produced a litter for us in 2005 this resulted in our stunning bitch 'Whitewreath Truly Gifted' who in our opinion excels in breed type. Unfortunately for us 'Saffy' never did take to the show ring, but did take to obedience which is where she really shines. Saffy went on to produce for us some excellent quality babies, who in turn have produced themselves exceptional offspring, and we are delighted to say that 3 generations down, we can still recognize that strong family resemblance in Saffy's grand-daughter 'Miley'.

In 2007 we purchased our 1st show prospect puppy, and headed out into the big world of Championship Shows. Only lightly shown we enjoyed a small amount of success with 'Tory' she taught us the ropes, and we now enjoy success with the new kids on the block! Sadly for us, Tory passed away aged just 3 years, she will never be replaced in our hearts.

2010 we qualified 'Hudson' 'Caeson' 'Maisey' & 'Vinnie' for Crufts. Caeson achieved 3 Best Puppy In Show at Open Level, 2 RCC's and a BPIB at Champ Level, and Maisey took the Bitch CC and BPIB at her show debut and the final show of the year!

2011 saw Caeson bring home a further 2 RCC's and many 1st places and after a 9 month break from the ring to change coats, he headed back for 2012... We enjoyed tremendous success with Caeson bringing his 5th and 6th RCC home. Under Mrs. Jenny Killilea his 1st CC, BOB and under Mr. M Quinney a GROUP 4. Our latest baby on the scene 'Miley' also makes her mark earning 2 RCC's and a BPIB by 8 Months.

2013 saw us taking a small break from the show scene to move house, but at the last 2 shows of the year we managed the Res Dog CC and the Dog CC with BOB with Caeson.

2014 saw us bringing out our latest prospect, our homebred boy, son of Caeson 'Whitewreath's Carbon Copy' (Baelor) not only does he share his fathers birthday but he took off to a tremendous puppy career as did his father, gaining 3 Reserve CC's, 11 Best Puppy Dog, 7 Best Puppy In Breed, winning Puppy Groups 1, 2, 3 and 4 and taking RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at Windsor Ch Show.

What a way to start 2015. Baelor made his first appearance at Crufts 2015 and came home as the Reserve Dog CC winner, an incredible achievement for such a young boy. At Paignton Ch Show Baelor brought home his 1st CC and at The Akita Association Ch Show his Sire Caeson gained his 3rd and Crowning CC to become our very first CHAMPION. At the last show of the year our Baelor takes his 2nd CC leaving us hoping that his 3rd will not be too far away.

2016 - Right off the back of his 2nd CC at LKA, Baelor took his 3rd and crowning CC at WELKS 2016. Making him our 2nd UK CHAMPION but more importantly our first HOME BRED Champion. He has since gone on to win a further 7 CC's taking his current tally to 10 CC's with 12 RCC's. Also in October our latest home bred baby to hit the ring 'Faith' made her debut at South Wales winning 1st Minor Puppy Bitch Qualifying for Crufts 2017, she is also Sired by Ch. Caeson making her half sister to Ch Baelor. Faith continued her show record by winning 4 Minor Puppy Bitch classes but at the last show of the year - LKA Ch Show - With her young handler Lauren Bridges - She was awarded her first Reserve CC, Qualifying her for Crufts for life and Earning her Stud Book Number. Baelor also finished the year as the Number 2 Male.

2017 has been so far a quiet year for us, Champion Baelor has taken a Dog CC under highly respected judge Mr Frank Kane and took another Res CC under Mr Webb. NEW ECUADORIAN CHAMPION Ellie (Whitewreaths Head of State Ruthdales) became our 2nd Homebred Champion for her delighted owner Christian Troya at just 18 months she took her title with Best In Group & Best In Show 2.

2018 is the year of the woman... quite apt for our little team as we are headed by women, as always for the team this years handler is of course our Pilot Lisa Bridges who is joined by her hot on the heels daughter Lauren Bridges, herself already an outstanding handler of excellent talent. We've already had a good start to the year with Whitewreaths One Vision taking his Russian title to become our THIRD HOME-BRED CHAMPION.

As per the new dog license law that came into play October 2018, all breeders must be licensed and will recieve a star rating from 1 to 5. As a new license holder the highest rating achieveable is 4 stars, and we are very proud to announce that Charlie recieved the full 4 star rating.

2019 started as well as it possibly could, at Manchester Champ Show our young Ch Baelor son 'Travis' won Best Puppy In Breed and went on to win Puppy Group 3 under judge Liz Stannard. Following on from a wonderful Crufts Travis went on to win his first Reserve Dog CC at WELKS and his 2nd at The Nationals. What followed from there was a month of pure heart break, we lost Travis aged just 16 months shortly after his win at the Nationals, followed by the loss of his grandfather Ch. Caeson aged 10 just 3 short weeks later. As you can appreciate, the Whitewreath camp is in tatters, and we took a well earned break to recover from our losses.

2020 Wasn't any easier, In January we very tradgically lost our handsome, vibrant Champion Whitewreaths Carbon Copy, unexpectedly and in his prime. We have been left almost unconsolable from the losses we have been dealt this past year, and at times it has been very difficult to see a way forward. We were however, blessed with a lovely litter from Taylor and we focussed on trying to move forward.... And then COVID 19 hit the UK and the world was forced into lockdown - We are using this time wisely, we have exciting ventures to pursue, we hope to bring in some fresh lines, but also using some of our frozen semen from both Ch Baelor and his father Ch Caeson, we hope to be back, BIGGER - STRONGER - AND BETTER
Following every rain storm, is a rainbow.

2021 the year that COVID-19 stole dog shows, after an exhausting year with people and families facing difficulties all over the world, we finally made it back to the show scene. This time we took "The Girl Squad" - Phoenix and her 2 younger half sisters, Thalia and Tasha. At our first show back, BUBA Ch Show, Tasha qualified for Crufts 2022 from the puppy class and from the limit class, Phoenix won her first CC with Best Opposite Sex. A fantastic way to come back, we now look forward to next year. LKA the last show of the year and we qualified Thalia for Crufts 2022. That is the team all qualified for the next season.

2022 Started off pretty well in the Whitewreath camp, with a beautiful much awaited litter from our CC winning brindle beauty, Phoenix. The first show for us was Crufts, Phoenix stayed at home on maternity leave and Thalia stayed home due to a coat blow. Tasha represented the team and was placed in a lovely quality puppy class - qualifying her for Crufts 2023. With the show season already upon us, we are excited to get Phoenix back out with both Tasha and Thalia, also joining her 2 babies Savannah and Acer - Sure will be a team of stripes this season. Almost 5 months to the day, Phoenix took her 2nd CC at East of England Ch Show in superb company.

2023 - Celebrating 20 Years of the Whitewreath affix! It has been a fabulous year for us with all of the dogs placing well in their respective classes. Whitewreath A Star Is Born for Finkime has been awarded 3 Reserve Dog CC's for his delighted owner Jayne Hughes. Litter sister Whitewreath Paparazzi delighted us by winning her first Reserve CC from Windsor Ch Show, Half sister Whitewreath From The Ashes won her third and crowning CC at Darlington Ch Show making her our THIRD UK CHAMPION and the 2nd only brindle female Champion in the UK. In October Multi Ch Estruphus' My Dynamic Task Force (Gangsta) joined the team all the way from Holland - Our thanks to his talented breeders Lene & Marcel Huls who he is jointly owned with. Finally in December, the newest Whitewreath baby on the show scene takes her first Reserve CC from Puppy at just 8 Months for her delighted owners Judith Robinson, Cath Gouldson and Ash Sutton who also handles her to her credits. And wrapping up the year at LKA for the last show of the season, but the first show for our newly imported boy 'Gangsta' wins his first Reserve CC earning his UK Stud Book Number! Couldn't have ended any better.

2024 Has so far been a delightful start to the year, welcoming our Ch Gangsta Puppies and also our babies doing the mini double at Manchester Ch Show wih both Sirius & Krystal winning the Reserve CC for their owners. Crufts is around the corner and then before we know it the show season will be upon us.....

'Anshee The Bee's Knees at Whitewreath' ... Pru, our foundation girl


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