I have always been a believer that things happen for a reason, we may not know what that reason is for some time, but eventually all will become clear. I strongly believe we walk down the paths that are destined for us, and bad things are sent for us to take different routes. I have never been more sure of this feeling than I am right now...

As many of you will know late 2019 into early 2020 was for us, as breeders, and as animal lovers - Just the most heart breaking year for us. With the loss of our Champion Boys Caeson & Baelor, and our young promising star Travis, we were left completely broken, and really didn't know if we wanted to continue in the world of Akitas. As you can imagine, there is only so much devastation a person can stand before feeling completely overwhelmed. But, with every storm, follows the most glorious rainbow. Please allow us to introduce to you, our ray of sunshine.... Wilson.

Wilson brings to our lives such joy and love and a feeling of a new begining and fresh optomism for the future of Whitewreath. Bred by our friends, Heidi Thomsen & Anders Johansen, we are delighted to have this young boy joining us at Whitewreath, we can not thank his breeders enough for their trust and confidence in us to allow us to own this special boy.

Wilson is an incredible boy who makes us so excited for his future.

Furthermore, Wilson's pedigree makes our hearts skip a beat, so many dogs that we have adored for years. Starting with Champion Senseo It Feels so Right, known to the Akita world as the one and only 'Matrix' - he, along with his stunning sister Diva (Ch Senseo So Damn Beautiful) have caught my eye and taken my breath on many occassion for years - both being the offspring of Ch. Rossimon Norfolk and Chance with Minioso, himself a true producer for the breed here in the UK and overseas. A real power house of a male but with the most wonderful temperament, which i was lucky enough to witness first hand. Multi Champion Senseo The World Is Not Enough (Mercedes) again, another of Heidi & Anders' dogs that makes my hair stand on end, the most beautiful head, such a strong and powerful bitch, holding the award of Top Akita Female in Denmark to this day, she is the daughter of Am Ch Regalias Loaded for Bear and Ch Redwitch All That Glitters. Further back in Wilson's pedigree is another of our favourites, Multi Ch Estava Rain Front Row (Sydney) once again, an Akita we have admired for such a long time. This pedigree, for us, is filled with Akitas of such influence, both past and present, and we feel so fortunate to have this little gem in our future.




DK CH Senseo Super Natural
AM CH Estava Rain Take It To The Limit
Am. Ch. Regalias American Emblem
Nor / DK Ch. Estava Rain Front Row
DK CH Senseo So Damn Beautiful
Ch. Rossimon Norfolk and Chance with Minioso
DK Ch. Senseo I Am Marine One
Senseo Save Your Kisses For Me
MULTI CH Senseo It Feels So Right
Ch. Rossimon Norfolk and Chance with Minioso
DK Ch. Senseo I Am Marine One
MULTI CH Senseo The World Is Not Enough
Am. Ch. Regalias Loaded for Bear
DK Ch. Redwitch All That Glitters
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