• I am the proud owner of Kenji (Whitewreath Circle of Life), from Whitewreath Akita Kennels run by Charlene and Geofrey Iason.

The Whitewreath website is detailed giving clear information and pictures of there Akitas.  There is a sense of pride, care and love towards the dogs, which is what initially encouraged me to enquire about a puppy from there planned litter.

After placing my deposit to secure my puppy I was updated regularly by Charlie on the progress of the pregnancy and any questions I had were gladly answered.

Once the puppies were born I received regular emails and pictures showing the progress of my puppy.

When I picked Kenji up he was stunning I was so pleased.  He has a good build already, a playful streak and a wonderful temperament.  It was obvious the puppies had been well cared for and loved.  The puppy pack I received includes good advice and information, we had been very well prepared to receive our new puppy by Charlie's advice and help.

Overall Kenji is an amazing puppy who I am sure will develop into a stunning adult.

Anyone who is looking for an Akita and wants it from an established caring breeder that produces stunning dogs, I would advise you to contact Charlie at Whitewreath.

Thank you once again Charlie for all of your help and for a new much loved member of our family.

           Best Wishes


UPDATE: Martin and Kate contacted us for another puppy after the very sad loss of their treasured dog "Honey" who was a great companion for Kenji (Whitewreath Circle Of Life). They are now the proud owners of "Keiko" (Whitewreath's Little Star) and this is what they had to say:

Dear Charlie & Geoff,       

Just a few photos to show you how well Keiko (Whitereath Little Star) has settled in, She is doing really well Kenji & her are getting on great, they were both shattered on Saturday having spent the entire day chasing each other around house & garden.  Today they have been more mellow I think they both realise they cant go mad all day.    

I would just like to thank you both for letting us have another wonderful puppy, Im sure shes going to be fantastic, you must be producing some of the best Akitas in the country (I would say the best but then im biased).    

I would like to thank geoff for bringing her to us and hope he got back to you safely. As always I will keep you updated with reports and photos, also if you ever need to pass my details on to people who are thinking of buying from you then do not hesitate to do so as I am always prepared to tell people how fantastic you and your kennels are.                                   

Best wishes as always                                                

Martin, Kate, Kenji & Keiko

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  • Proud owners of Kiya (Whitewreath Ivory Rose)

Kiya has fitted into our family life so easily, she is such a loving and well tempered dog, she is sooo affectionate and gets on great with our other 2 dogs.

She is so playful with the boys and seems to know that Nat can't play in the same way so she will sit and have a long conversation with her, ha ha, its true she will sit and talk, NOT BARK, for ages with Nat they have a proper two way converation.

She is so friendly to our visiters too, and she no longer wets when they come, THANK THE LORD ha ha. She is truely a valued member of our family and we do not know what we would do without her. Thank you so very much for letting us have her.

Mr & Mrs Atkinson & Family

(E-mail address will only be provided at the discretion of Mr and Mrs Atkinson)



  • Proud owners of Dendai (Whitewreath On A Role)

Dear Charlie, Geof and your four legged furry family.

Thank you so much for allowing us the pleasure of owning one of your babies. Dendai is growing so fast into a beautiful, mischievious young lady. Always wanting to play and fill our lives with love, but mostly to eat and sleep!!!

Every outing with Dendai is an adventure, due to the constant admiration and questions we get about her, nobody can believe she is still a puppy!!!

She is a very valued member of the family, and life just wouldn't be the same without her. It's been great to have your support and to have made such good friends. Much Love x

Becky and Marvin

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  • Proud Owners of Dollar (Whitewreath's Top Dollar)

Thankyou so much for all your help, guidance and support for ourselves and our bitch (Orca). Remi is such a strong gentle handsome man. He is a fantastic stud dog and we are honoured to have met you all.

Orca proved to be a rather complicated bitch while she was in season and you took her in for three weeks and cared for her so well. It was so comforting to know that we were able to speak to you daily, sometimes more than once a day and you would give us a step by step talk thru of how she was doing. You are both very knowledgeable and so honest and kind that we took comfort in the fact that our baby girl could not of been left in safer hands. Remi and all your dogs are a credit to you.The time and love you put into your dogs is so apparent.

You went the extra mile with Orca welcoming her into your home and allowing her to play with your own dogs. Walks on the beach were a real treat for her as she had not seen sand before, which you found out from her initial funny walk to start off with. I didn't think she would want to come home. A stud that is so caring and always doing the best for the dog even when she is not your own.

Charlie you are a star! Thankyou for what you did for us all, including my husband who was so upset to leave his baby behind, but then you put him at ease with the fact that you were always in touch with him even though he works away from home. So not only were you talking to me, you then had the task of reiterating the same to him when he called from another part of the country.

You are a special place that anyone interested in this breed, should know about. We are so please that we have found you, and don't actually know how we would of managed without all your help. Thankyou again and again from the bottom of our hearts.

Sam and Steve. 

UPDATE: Sam and Steve remained good friends over the last few years and decided to purchase one of our home-bred males 'Whitewreath's Top Dollar' and here is what they had to say:

Dear Charlie and Geof, I would like to say how lucky we are to have been accepted by you to have in our lives Dollar. He is such a beautiful boy and so much fun to have around. In character, he is the Peter Pan of this time, so funny and a big kid. He is so intelligent and oozes charm and charisma. He has such a strong bear like head and his red colour is striking especially when out in the sunshine. I would like to say a massive Thankyou to both of you, for all your guidance and support. Dollar is now rising 2 years of age and still, you advise us in any matter we ask of you. Even though you allowed us to have him in our home, you offer a lifetime of support, and I know that is what you certainly promise to give. You are always there at the end of the phone, day, night and even early hours of the morning. This, to us is such a comfort and we have never been so fortunate to have anyone, always so interested in how we are doing. You are a successful busy kennels, and yet you always make us feel so at ease whenever we need you. I would like to say that anyone interested in the Akita would have found a truly unique kennel once they contact you. Your kennels are outstanding and the care you put into all your dogs is so meticulous and second to none. On getting Dollar home, you had also given us a puppy pack which had invaluable advice. Also a DVD that helped us with the care of our new addition and the showing of how you professionals get it done. A very informative and cherished tool that we play over and over. I admit most of the time it is to just watch your dogs strut there stuff. As they are all so beautiful and grand examples of the breed.

All your dogs are so stunningly striking to watch and when we actually met them in the flesh so to speak, it was a truly great day.  You are absolute treasures and for that we love you dearly. Interested in an Akita, whether to own or to research, then contact Whitewreath. Amazing 5 star heaven !

Love Sam and Dollar xx.  

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  • Proud owners of Inca (Whitewreath It's All About Me)

Back in February 2006 we became the proud owners of one of Charlie and Geof's beautiful Akita puppies - 'Whitewreath It's All About Me' - known to everyone as 'Inca'.  She has settled into our family so well, adjusting to her new life with our 2 dogs (a German Shepherd and a Samoyed), two cats and two chinchillas (which give her hours of fascination).

She has matured into a beautiful dog with a fantastic temperament and a lovely character. She really is a gentle giant, all 40kgs of her !!! (at 12 months). She is friendly to everyone who visits the house but also has, what we call, her 'big dog bark' if she thinks that someone is around and we need to know about it.. 

We have kept in touch with Charlie and Geof on a regular basis, and if we have had any concerns then we have always been able to pick up the phone, knowing that there would always be good advice at the other end. 

Due to other commitments, we were unable to bring Inca home straight away and Charlie and Geof kept her for us for 5 weeks, sending us photos and updates on how she was getting on. I would certainly recommend a puppy from Whitewreath, the information in the puppy pack was excellent, and they are always there to give help and advice if needed.

Rhys and Susan Medler

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  • Proud owners of Blaze (Whitewreath Causin' A Riot)

We were incredibly fortunate to choose Whitewreath Akita Kennels to purchase our 1st puppy. Charlie & Geof invited us to stay with them and meet their Akita family & we weren't disappointed!! We fell in love with all of them. The dogs are all well cared for and socialized and very friendly with strangers.

Charlie had already updated us regularly with photos of our boy before we arrived. It was love at first sight when we finally met our puppy, (Whitewreath causin' a riot). He was at the time a beautiful chunky, well groomed puppy and we couldn't wait to bring him home.

Once home, the care from them didn't end there. They regularly contacted us for news on how we were all getting on and indeed, still do this, a year later. No matter when and why we need their advice, they are constantly there, ready and willing to help us in any way they can.

Our pup is now 14 months old and he is incredibly strong, friendly and confident with an unmistakable Akita look and personality. A REAL PUREBRED BOY!!

We can never thank Charlie & Geof for everything and the privilege of having one of their pups become a big part of our family. We have complete trust in them and their kennels and we would Highly recommend Whitewreath when considering purchasing an Akita.

Whitewreath Akita Kennels - 2nd to NONE!!

Alison & Davy Brown

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  • Proud Owners of Kiya (Whitewreath's Eye Kandy)

I spent a year researching the Akita and after much thought and consideration we took the plunge. I got in touch with a few kennels but sadly I never got my pup due to being to far down on the list, or no bitches in the litter. I was about to loose all hope then I found Whitewreath Akitas, little did i know what was around the corner!

I never imagined that we would become such good friends with Charlie as a breeder, this lady is highly professional, helpful and patient. I now have my gorgeous girl Kiya, this was my first Akita and I had no previous experience with the breed. I had a lot to learn and I have to say Charlie was only a phone call a way no matter what querie or problem I faced Charlie was on the other end of the phone giving me advice help and support.

Charlie is very patient and has a lot of knowledge on this breed which is very comforting. I would not know what I have learnt with out Charlie, as I have already mentioned we have became very good friends and keep in touch on a regular basis.

I'm so proud to have a Whitewreath pup and I feel lucky to have found a friend in Charlie, the only NEGATIVE I have about them, is they live to far away for me LOL ... I would love it if I were closer to them so I could see Charlie, Geof and the Gang on a more regular basis!

If any one is thinking of getting a pup from Whitewreath, I can highly recomend them!
Thank you so much Charlie and Geof

Love, Dianne and Martin Chapman

(E-mail address will only be provided at the discretion of the owners)




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