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Saffy x Harry
Taylor's Sire

Miley x Sputnik
Dee-Dee's Brother

Saffy x Billy
Miley's Auntie


Long coated Akita puppies occur in litters out of standard coated parents on a regular basis, both parents have to carry the recessive gene in order to produce a longcoat. Some of us are aware that our female carries a strong chance of having the longcoat gene from previous litters and / or siblings, however in some cases you may think your line doesn't carry the longcoat gene and be delightedly surprised when you find one in your litter - Just like us!

The long coated Akita usually carries approximately 3 to 4 inches more coat than the standard coated Akita.  The long coats do not shed more than the standard coated Akita but do require a bit more brushing and overall coat care. The long coated Akita's are said to be more laid back and less dominant, making fabulous companions for a family.

Longcoat's are admired everywhere they go, they resemble fluffy teddy bears. Some breeders choose not to register their long coated puppies as they are not permitted in the show ring as their coat length is classed as a breed fault. We however have chosen to register our longcoat's with the Kennel Club, but endorsements are placed on the paperwork, which will never be lifted.

Here are a few photo's of our very first longcoat Puppies.....



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